HotBuys Romper winner!

The winner of the HotBuys Romper competition is lora2639. Congratulations!Amber and I will contact you about receiving your 60sd prize. 1st and second place were so close with a 3 vote difference! Remember that every vote counts..!

2nd place is Lady.GaGa..GirL with 73 votes  3rd place is iKyandi 53 votes, 4th place is  lindamissanto with 40 votes, and 5th place was unearthly_x with 39 votes! 

To see the full results click HERE

I know Im not Amber, and I dont have the same  tastes as Amber, but I came to host the competition for you guys, im sorry if I didnt do exactly what you wanted, But anyways, I hope you guys had fun!

Adri (:

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