HotBuys Geometric dress. Vote!

Hey guys and hope you had a good Valentines Day Here is the poll for the Geometric dress. Although most people submitted their entries correctly there were still a lot that broke the rules somehow. Remember, your link must be to a picture not to your suite or starplaza. Links like this C://users//documents... etc do not work. Just please double check your entry before you click submit and make sure that every single week you read all the rules. It's just such a shame when people go to the effort of making an outfit but are disqualified for the reasons I listed above which can be easily avoided by following the instructions. A few people covered the dress too much too but not as many as usual. There were 217 valid entries so this was a tough competition to get into the poll for. I couldn't choose in the end so I put an extra 10 in and you can vote for 4 outfits. So here we go!

You can vote for 4 outfits this week and voting closes in 2 days on February 17th at 6pmGMT.

Good luck!

Amber xox

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