HotBuys Fudge Mesh Top winner!

The winner of the HotBuys Fudge mesh top competition is 13lucky37. Congratulations! I will contact you about receiving your 40sd prize. The rest of the top 5 were only separated by once vote each so it was very close! There was also a tie in 3rd place.

2nd Veeruska 3rd cma96 & xFashiiOnn 4th CrystalsJoy 5th hearts_beyonce

To see the full results click HERE

- Info regarding future competitions-

Due to the fact that I'm starting exams tomorrow for a week or so I wont be able to hold a competition for the HB polka dot romper on the 6th of February and possibly the jeans released on the 8th. If I have time I'll try to do one for the jeans but I can't guarantee it because I will be doing exams that day. So the next HB contest will probably be on Feburary 11th for the geometric dress. I'll see you all then!



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