HotBuys Evil Panda cape: Vote!

Hello everyone. Here is the poll for the HotBuys Evil Panda cape competition. There were 262 valid entries and there were a lot of good outfits so it was extra hard to get into the poll this time. As usual there were a few people who never read the rules and sent in links to their suites and starplaza, in the comment section or those weird C://users... type links even though I stressed in the rules and in the entry form not to. I'm not going to keep warning you ever single time to read the rules, it's your responsibility to make sure your entry is submitted correctly. Anyway here we go

You can vote for 3 outfits and voting closes on February 21st at 11pmGMT. I'm going on vacation to London next week so the winner will either be announced that night or the day after depending on when I get the time. Enjoy xD

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