HB Sunglasses


The last HB of the month was released today. It costs 10 stardollars and is from the SPECTACULAR store.

 ...for the item to appear in your dressing room.

Let me warn you, when click this, the glasses will semi-hidden:


The sunglasses are in the highlighted area (left). Simply drag down your medoll and the glasses should be there (right).

Here is the real life version:

Credit to Hot Buys Addicted.

Sunglasses by Pucci.

Do you like the sunglasses?
Will you buy them?

Also, here is a little raffle... 


Just comment below and providing the following information...

1. Your Stardoll Username.
2. "Enter Me."
3. (optional) Your opinion on this HB.



Using a random raffle picker, 3 winners will be chosen and they will receive enough stardollars to buy this HB, 10sd. 


You can only enter one time per stardoll account. Please enter under a name, not Anonymous. Entering with a registered account (Blogger) is even better. 

Only those with 500 starpoints or are SS can enter. 
If you are not a SuperStar and have less than 500 starpoints, you can always receive gifts worth 10sd.

You have until March 1st 6pm/18:00 EST to enter. 
 That is 11pm/23:00 GMT. Convert your time HERE.
Results will be revealed shortly after.

-Shay ; TwilightRosez
Rate the HB below. 
& PS: Should I do more contests like these?

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