HB Skull Scarf


The Hot Buys Skull Scarf was released today. 
You can click HERE for it to be in your dressing room.

Price: It costs 9 stardollars.
Where It's Sold: Fallen Angel for Women:


Click the image above to go to the store & have the scarf in your dressing room. 

Real life versions:


Please DO NOT COPY. If you want to re-post this, please use the images with the watermark. 

The scarves above are Alexander McQueen.


Will you buy the scarf?
 What do you think of the scarf?

Vote below!

-Shay ; TwilightRosez

By the way, wow! The poll "Do you like the new Tingeling collection?" has only been up for about a day, and more than 1,000 votes came in.

Here are the results:

Click to enlarge.
And thank you for all the nice comments! :]

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