Drop Your Line : Victory and Klaus

Victory & Klaus is a fashion line owned by me (LadyGaGaMcQueen) and Clément Krew (klem1).

We made our first collection in only one month! Yes, actually that's why the graphics may not be that beautiful, but I want to get your attention on our ideas.

As we say it on the blog :

"Victory & Klaus was founded in January 2012 by the French designers Amanda Lucy and Clément Krew. Creating this brand, both designers needed to express their selves by launching a pure line of Ready To Wear for Men & Women. Victory & Klaus is really inspired by trendy looks, so RTW and french-british fashion lifestyle. It's all about class with a touch of uniqueness."

We also did a huge work on the blog. With a header in which there are different clickable zones:

As I'm one of the owner of the fashion line, I can't really give my opinion, but you can!

Actually, V&K is a really ambitious project which really want to caught you eyes and deliver a lifestyle, a fashion lifestyle! We made a fake e-shop, we choose our favorite songs to do a page called 'Klaus Music', we'll also have a Muse and do a photoshoot with her for the 'Where is Klaus?' page, and a fragrance is coming (of course just a fake one, but think about the ads...)

Also, what I have to offer for you is 3 things! 
You can apply by 2 ways to be in the team, as model or a graphic designer by clicking here.
And also you can become a sponsor and get you doll wearing the V&K's clothes you chose by clicking here.

But if you just want to please show your support by visiting and following the blog, then click

Feel free to say what you think about this Fashion Line on the comment section of this post! :)

I'll be back with another stardoll upcoming Fashion Line really soon...

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