Drop Your Line : Fearless

Fearless is a Fashion Line owned by Kimberly Dean (xxlovexx), she's the designer and the graphic designer of the collections.

If you still don't know this Fashion Line, Fearless already released 2 collections! And so here are some graphics of the last collection:

Great clothes, no? I think it's really perfect for summer, and the clothes look really gorgeous.

Here's what Kimberly says about here Fashion Line:

"Ready-to-wear street chic? xD"

And here's what she says about her inspirations:

"Everyday things. The next collection will be very sort-of... eagle inspired. Fur, faux fur."

So, please take a minute to show your support, follow by clicking

Feel free to say what you think about this Fashion Line on the comment section of this post! :)

I'll be back with another stardoll upcoming Fashion Line really soon...

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