And the Medoll of the Month is...

The winner of the February comp for Medoll Of The Month is...

With more than 800 votes...

Which is a NEW record...



That was her scenery for the Valentine's Day Theme!

Here's an interview with her:

How is it to be Medoll Of The Month?
I feel so happy and quite honored to be Medoll of the Month. Thank you to all my supporters, I've read all your wonderful comments so thank you guys! I couldn't have done it without you!

How came the idea of this scenery for this month comp?
Well, I didn't really have an idea. Typically when I create sceneries I kind of do now, think later. But, I had this phrase/lyrics from a song stuck in my head. The lyric was "Will you still love me tomorrow?" and that literally inspired the whole concept of the scenery.

What are your passions in real life?
Anything art and music related. I love to paint, draw, play piano, sing and write songs. Its a way for me to express my emotions and to portray a story!

Could you describe us your style?
Well, my style in real life and stardoll is very similar. I kind of lean towards, a vintage and hipster style. But, I like to mix a whole lot of style together, I guess I'm still in the process of finding my own personal style!

What is your biggest wish for the future?
I don't really have a big wish but, rather goals for the future. I just want to graduate highschool with over an 80% average, and go to university and hopefully be successful in what ever career I pursue!

What do you want people to remember about you when you'll leave stardoll?
I want people to remember me by my sceneries, graphics and, hopefully my personality. :P

And here's the TOP 5:
2. vikkiVICIOUS
3. emmaduizend
4. Sclipiciii
5. andreea9120

And also here are all the votes:

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