Show Us Your Talent: jillian2525

Hi everyone! This week's talented medoll is Jillian2525.
(click the name to go to her suite)
Shes is 24 years old and she comes from the USA.

She is a really talented suite designer and has some amazing rooms, check them out...
Which is your favourite?! 
Personally my favourite is the Winter Wonderland one, it's just perfecton!
But I also love the Angry Birds one, talk about originality!

Here is an interview with the lady herself! :)

1. Your suite is totally amazing! How much time and effort have you put into it?!

First of all, thank you! I've put a lot of time and effort into my suite. I tend to spend way too many Stardollars decorating it. Some rooms are easy and don't take others take several days to complete. It really depends on what I'm doing with them. I've renovated old rooms and created new ones a lot over the past couple of months. I also stuck Christmas decorations in several rooms, to get in the Christmas spirit. :)

2. What is your biggest achievement here on Stardoll?

My biggest Stardoll achievement so far is accidentally winning 5th place Covergirl about a year ago. I accidentally saved an outfit to my album, which led to getting 5th place Catwalk the next day, which led to 5th place Covergirl the following day. It was all so strange and completely accidental!

3. What inspires to you to create these amazing rooms in your suite?! 

I live vicariously through my suite. I tend to create a room that I would want in real life. For example, my library-- I've always wanted a massive library in my house. So I just think about what I want and create it. The past several rooms I've created, I've actually drawn out a complete floor plan on a piece of paper before designing the room. That tends to help me, because I know exactly what to design and buy.

Why not check out Jillian2525's suite and leave a comment!
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Until next time,
Talent Team xoxo
Kimberly / xxlovexx

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