The "Proposal Gown" Story or call it The "Rarest Dress Ever" Story

Have you ever wondered which is the most Rare Dress on Stardoll
I'm gonna tell you a story that many do not know. Not just the new members,some old members might not know this as well
Sure we listen LE is rare, Dkny is rare etc etc
But has anyone answered you the Question
Which is actually the rarest dress on Stardoll?

Class please take you seats cause we have another Stardoll History Lesson and i am ready to reveal you the most rare dress in Stardoll
Now i have a question for you....
Have you ever seen this Dress on Stardoll?
(from the archive of seen on stardoll)

I'm sure many of you answered No
and that's actually logic because this Wedding Dress is Unique
Yep you heard me only one Person has it.

The Story:
The Rarest Dress on Stardoll is actually a magnificent wedding Gown inspired by the movie 
"The Proposal"

On June 2009(yeah i know...the year) Stardoll was promoting the movie
"The Proposal" Staring Sandra Bullock 

Well they made a post in the Magazine back then informing us that best entries will win a wedding dress:
Now here is also the competition and what you had to do and made it clearer that only One girl will win the wedding dress:

Some weeks Laters the Results were out.
thw Winner?

I actually talked to her before i make this post to see if she is fine with me mentioning the name
and also to save you from trouble i asked her if she would wconsider trading or Selling it
The answer?

"I'm not trading or selling of course, its one of a kind hahah thanksss", she said
Can you blame her?..i wouldn't either!!!
Thank you too dear:)

...and that was your lesson for today...
....more lessons coming soon...

...xoxo MSM

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