HotBuys competition. Bonjour Bizou dress + previous winner!


Love HotBuys?

Want to win 40sd?

Then enter the HotBuys competition!

The new Bonjour Bizou HotBuys dress is just out and I don't know about you but I really like this dress! I think it's one of the best HB dresses in awhile. So if you like it too then enter the competition for the chance to win 40sd!

To enter

Make an outfit using the Bonjour Bizou HB dress either in your suite or in starplaza. Take a picture of the outfit and upload it to a website like tinypic or photobucket etc. Then post a comment here saying your stardoll user name and the link to your outfit.


1, You can only enter one outfit per poll and the outfit must be made by yourself.

2, The HotBuy must be visible in your outfit and not completely covered up

3, No asking for votes or you will be disqualified

4, Please don't write your stardoll user name or include anything else on your picture.

Remember, previous winners are allowed enter again and you don't need to be SS to enter. 50 outfits will be chosen for the poll so please take in consideration that your outfit may not be chosen before you enter.

This time, you have 3 days to enter on account of it beng the weekend some of you may be busy so I thought 3 days was a bit more fair. Would you prefer 3 days to enter on future competitions or is 2 days long enough? Let me know in comments. Closing date for this competition is Monday 21st November at 8pmGMT

Previous winner!

The HotBuys leopard top poll result was the closest yet in fact there was just one vote between 1st and 2nd! This proves how important voting for your favourite is because ever vote matters but in the end it was Rubycarminella who won with 176 votes. Congratulations! I will contact you about receiving your 40sd prize.

The rest of the top 5 were 2nd BRITNAYFUN 3rd CL3M3 4th Luh.Isa 5th miladyfashion

To see the full results click HERE



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