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It is so creative that I couldn't help but feauture it on USD

Creative Costumes Now Possible with Stardesign Jewellery

When the stardesign jewellery [the correct spelling is in fact jewellery, but it's commonly misspelled as 'jewelry"] feature was released, I was totally surprised and happy! There are so many useful features and you can really excel and do whatever you like in it with the wide pallet space. The feathers work SOO well as hair, and you can make tons of really cool hairstyles for 16sd max.

As a fan of cosplay [dressing up as a cartoon character], I immediately saw this as an opportunity to make tons of costumes that I would never have been able to make before.

I made this Sailor Moon cosplay for under 20sd. Bargain!

So what do you think of the feature? Epic failure or total win?
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(by the way  :TOTAL WIN!!!)
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