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Hey USD Its Adri wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (United States)
Just a heads up, I wont have a Fashion Tip of the Week today cause im very busy since today is Thanksgiving, sorry!
Anyways, I love this outfit, something about it touched me.Its very simple and doesn't look all creative but everything just matches so well.But please take under consideration that this week I was spending spare time helping my mom prepare food for Thanksgiving

Shes wearing,
Perfect Day Kate Wedding skirt
Stardoll white off shoulder top 
Other world gossamer light wings
Pretty n love lace tutu skirt dress
Black Platforms

Here's what the others think,
Amber_Doll:This outfit is ok. It's definitely quite formal and simple. It does suit her doll quite well but if it were me I might add a little splash of color or a belt etc just to liven it up a bit.

That's all for this week, have a great rest of week and weekend!
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