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  My Opinion and disclaimer
Guys , I apologize for my last outfit , I didn’t know it was on the same rack showed in stores L No ones perfect. So we all make some mistakes..Its really no reason to say I should be ‘fired’ this isn’t as easy as you think.
Anyways I love this outfit so much. She looks like a mermaid queen , this outfit stunned me when I saw it so I thought it deserved to be Captured SO detailed JUST like a mermaid tail , shes non-ss as well , if you look at the outfit's on her presentation , they are amazing as well , WOW!

What she’s wearing:
Penthouse Pool Splash
Tingling Ice Princess Dress
Many Penthouse Glass Cups
Moschino Tribute Teal Sashay Dress
Decades Wonder Girl Dress
Tingling Net Dress
Film Theory Classics Glitter Harlow Long Skirt
Tingling Mermaid Shells
Archive Right Draped Bodice
Film Theory Fan
2 Silver Dog Collars

Wow! A lot of items!I named them all , though :)))

About Her
Name: Not Available
From: México

Opinions From the other members:
Amber_Doll:I like certain parts of this outfit and dislike others. I like her doll and what she has done with the top part of her outfit but I don't think that blue dress works well. The under layer of the outfit looks good but that blue dress is putting me off it. It's still quite a good outfit though

Jpstar135:wow! i really like this! it's really creative. I think it looks like she's trying to be a mermaid or something.. i like the whole entire outfit! great job!! 

Anastasiarts:Wow that's so cool!!! I'm sure she had something in her mind when she was creating this outfit, something like mermaids or sea, I don't know... but it looks really nice! The only thing that I don't like is that rock(?) on her head, I guess there's a reason for putting it there but I don't get it personally. But, apart from this, I like the outfit veeeery much, good job!!  

@Anastasiarts : I think the rock on her head is a unicorn horn hehe (:

Also I’d like to point out , this makeup is fabtastic (lol!) Goes perfectly with this outfit , im think this is the best I’ve posted!:P

Any questions? Comments , unfortunately we CANNOT capture you by request so please do not ask this (: My guestbook and suite is HERE

As you may all know ,Im not sure if you do , but motee_mee has left the captured team , sad to see her go :(
Watch out dollies , you might get captured!

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