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Hello USD!(: Its Adri here presenting you my Friday post..

Name:Diana also known as Dee (:
Age: 12

So I captured my friend, yes I did , I’ll be honest about that But I truly like this outfit!The way she used the bows from the pot to make her belt!And how she layered the coke cans under to make it look like there’s red underneath!The wings make it look like shes a fairy-you know , how they wear the flowery dresses and such!Im not too fascinated with the heart on her ankle but I guess that’s her touch and that’s okay!And lastly-The cute bird!Awee (-: Maybe since shes a fairy that’s her pet?!?Who knows!ahaha (::

Lets see what the other members think..

Amber_Doll:I'm not too keen on this one. The concept of using plants to make an outfit is a good idea but this just doesn't really work for me. It's not pieced together as well as other outfits I've seen. The bottom part of the dress isn't so bad but the big plant on top looks a bit odd. Still though at least she tried something different so I'll give her credit for that. 

The rest didnt send in there opinions..

If you don’t like this outfit I understand , I do though.It may not be the best ever posted , but I think its really cute , your opinion is your opinions , but 2 weels ago I got told to 'stop posting'.I didnt let it bring me down..

Any questions comments or concerns?Visit me or tell me by clicking HERE , Unfortunately we cannot capture you by request so please dont ask this (:

Watch out dollies!You might get captured!

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