Guys , I have something to say , real fast.I would have posted earlier but im at my Aunts house helping with her diabetes , and I usually prewrite my post , well since im at my aunt's house I cant post , it was last minute , so I wont have the opinions from the other members from the team , please excuse that..(And I had to change my outfit) :(
Anyways , This outfit is really cute and well put together for a last minute outfit!I would never think of something like this!Haha!She looks like , maybe , a fairy ,the sky fairy,the accessories match it perfectly!And her makeup , wowowow!!

What shes wearing:
Handheld Fans
Heart Pillows
Claire Wings
Crystal Pointy Shoes
And the diamond , I dont know where you get it from :P

Any questions on captured?Go HERE to my guestbook! Unfortunately we CANNOT  capture you by request , so please dont ask this.

Watch out dollies , you might get captured!

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