Captured: Sziszi92

Hello everyone :) 
I'm here with a new outfit and I really hope you'll like it (cause I rarely receive good commnts the last weeks) Anyways, I captured Sziszi92 this time. Look at her outfit:

Behind this doll is Sylvia, a girl from Slovakia and she is wearing:

midnight gown - otherworld
sequine tull long skirt - perfect day
cosmos armor dress - tingeling
crystal slippers - other world

I chose this outfit because it's kinda different i my opinion. The top reminds me of a robot or an alien and the bottom of a stormy sea or something. Idk, I liked it very much from the first moment I saw it, the layering is nice, the colours match... I think it deserves to be presented here, even if it's difficult ot wear :)

The other members' opinion ^^
Amber_doll: Oh wow this outfit is a good choice! I really like the skirt and how it's layered and even her hair matches. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the make up but at least she is trying something different so I'll give her credit for that.

LovelyHula: THIS.OMG.So pretty!Robot princess!Heheh.Very creative , and the makeup matches perfectly!Wow 8/10!(:

Jpstar135: Woah. that outfit is really cool. it's very very creative. i like the little tutu/skirt that she used to make it look puffy sorta. xD the gold and blue go very well together. good job!
As you see their comments are nice. So, I hope you agree with them! 
That's all from me for this week!
Watch out dollies, you might get captured!
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