Captured: -sakhura-

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Form: PerĂº

Wearing... Archive Zhang dress, PPQ of Mayfair high waisted black skirt, Voile gala gloves, Perfect Day black cocktail stilettos and numerous peacock feathers.

Hello USD readers it's Amber again for Mondays captured column. I found a lot of great outfits this week so it was very hard to choose just one but when I saw this outfit created by -sakhura- I just knew it was the perfect choice. What I like about the dress is how she has used the peacock feathers. A lot of the time I see outfits where people have just thrown a bunch of interior items on all together and don't seem to know when to stop adding things and the result is overkill. This is why I love this outfit because she has added just the right amount of feathers, she didn't overkill the outfit by adding too many. Her hair, make-up and jewellery all match the dress too making the whole outfit look very elegant and formal.

Now lets see what the rest of the team thinks...

Jpstar135, I like this outfit! I love the peacock feathers on the dress! It's a very well designed outfit. It looks like it took a lot of time. I know I would never be able to do that! xD Anyways, I also like the jewellery because it makes the dress look fancier and everything. Love the outfit and great job! =)

Anastasiarts, OMG, it's fantastic!! Honestly, I'm speechless O.O She looks so beautiful, you know... bird queen or something :)

LovelyHula, This is really cute!I haven't seen anything like this before! I see her eyes are green , that matches very well! This is cute , I rate it a 9/10!:)

Success! An outfit the whole captured team likes. What do you think of it? Let me know in comments.

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