Captured: LediGaga001

Name: LediGaga001
From: Russia

(I forget to write down what she was wearing, but i'll try my best to tell you...) Wearing: Black veil, Black scarf/necklace, black gloves, black purse, black tights, black shoes, and various items..

Hey everybody! Its Jessica for Tuesday's Captured! Sports tryouts are over now, but games start next week! O.o Well the good thing about that is that I made A Team for field hockey! ^-^ I got really off topic... Anyways, today I Captured LediGaga001!

I think this outfit is pretty good considering that she's a Non-SS. It's quite obvious that she likes Lady Gaga. This outfit is super black.. I hate too much black, but I still like the outfit. The spiky things at the bottom of the outfit don't look that great.. I have seen her other outfits which are also very good. This outfit has it's ups and downs, but I still think it's really good for a non-SS.

Opinions from the Captured Team:

LovelyHula: This is um... A little bit too much. Lose some spikes first of all , second, Lose the black socks.Either than that its way cute! The shoes ,omg! 6/10!

Amber_Doll: I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand I love how she has went all out and created something different and her doll doesn't look the same as everyone else's out there. But on the other hand I feel like there are one too many items in this outfit. It's a bit too much all over the place for my liking. I think there are a lot of people who will really love this outfit and a few people who probably wont just because it's not their style. It may not be exactly my taste but I definitely appreciate anyone who tries something different so well done to her!

Anastasiarts: oh... at first it look like a stardoll glitch or something... like the clothes have been moved to the wrong places (it sometimes happens in sceneries, even on covergirl images). But if you look at it carefully... there's a logical explanation for it xDD I mean, it's totally different and eccentric and obviously eye-catching. It also reminds me of Lady Gaga. It HAS to be on Captured cause it is unique, I don't think there are any other outfits like this on stardoll right now. It's definately not my style but, yeah, there's a big.. WOW on it that makes it fabulous!

What do you think?

Watch out dollies, you might get Captured! ;)

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- Jessica
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