Captured: Alannah-Mg


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Name: Alannah

From: Ireland

Wearing... Mortal Kiss ice crystal spike heels, Decades flower hat, Voile holiday boutique layered pearl necklace, Mortal Kiss peacock ermine shrug x 3, Pretty n' Love pearl cape x 4 and Bizou bling chunky necklace x 33 (Yes I counted them all :D)

Hello readers it's Amber here again for Mondays captured post. This week I choose an outfit by Alannah-Mg. I've been considering using her doll for a while now because I think she has always had one of the most unusual medolls on stardoll and when I saw her qualify for the semi-finals in MSW for Ireland with this outfit on I just knew now was the time. Straight away I know this will be a like it or hate it outfit because this kind of medoll and style is either your taste or it’s not. I love it because it’s very striking, extravagant and well pieced together. I do think that the outfit doesn't do her medoll justice it kind of covers the hair a bit. But I just love that she doesn't look the same as every other generic looking doll on stardoll. Even if you hate this kind of style you can still appreciate her individuality and the time and effort put into the dress.

Now for the rest of the team.

Jpstar135, This outfit is really pretty!! I have heard of this person before, but her outfits are usually very creative and out-there. I like the bottom part of the dress with the feather like thing and the beads. It's a very pretty dress. I love the hair by the way! Great Job!!

Anastasiarts, That's your first outfit so far that I'm not really keen on. I like the shoes very much but I believe the rest is too much especially all these diamonds on the dress. I appreciate that she made it herself but I don't like it that much... The hair and the flower on her head don't match with the rest of the outfit too, in my opinion.

LovelyHula, I don't like it much. It's cute but it really doesn't match the accessories. But I'd rate it a 5/10. :)

Looks like myself and jpstar135 absolutely love it and Anastasiarts and LovelyHula not so much which is fair enough. I'm just trying to capture a few different style dolls rather than the same kind of things every week. I also got a suggestion in my guestbook last week that I use a doll in my captured post that doesn't look like a "Barbie doll" lol so I hope those of you who like different looking dolls are happy with this one :)

Watch out dollies you might get captured


Ps, I made a stardoll facebook account last week if any of you want to add me it's called AmberDoll stardoll :D

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