Sea of Stars Store is OUT

To go with the new stardoll novel there is a new store. The clothes are quite well designed, there is also some interior stuff. Do you love, like or dislike this store? :)
UPDATE: There is a glitch with some of the prices, they are probably meant to be in stardollars so if you want, buy them now before they change
Thanks anonymous
Party mannequin is 10 starcoins from suite shop
UPDATE2: The mannequin is actually 100 starcoins even though it says it is 10 starcoins. If you bought it thinking that it was 10 starcoins.. contact stardoll to get your money back and tell them that it is called 'Party mannequin' and your transaction reference number which is from your transactions under your account.
UPDATE3: The prices for shawl, headpiece and mannequin have been fixed.. 
Emma xox
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