Must have of the week

Hello everyone! I'm trying to do this post as short as i can because i really have to go but i don't want to let you guys down, to wait one more week for the finalists. So here they are:

I love them ! ^.^

So you all have seen what summer and flower prints can do in this post and the ones before. Now, i'm thinking to do something a bit different. Wanna know why? Because I want to see you all getting edgy! so I will let you use a whole store, and I give you the freedom to choose whatever you like from it. But I ONLY want to see clothes from this store on you and nothing else! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE MAKEUP! Guess what store is the Must-have of this week?

Yep you guessed it right! Fallen Angel ( you can use both Fallen Angel stores )

The best 6 outfits will get into the next post!
Good luck!

x Ioana
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