Make up tip/ VOTE

Hello gorgeous bloggers!!
Another post is here!! Sorry for not posting spoilers this week but I was too busy to do that. Hope you understand ♥

Previous winner was : Oo.Candice.oO

And now the next poll!!!

IMPORTANT : Our writer .emma.x. donated 300 Stardollars to Make up tip competition . We both decided to give 100 Sds reward to the winner of the next 3 Saturdays!! So a big big big Thank you to .emma.x. that gifted the stardollars to you guys!!!

So it is time for you to decided who the winner will be!! >>>>

If you want to donate for next Saturday contact sa…gataki !!

As for the make up tip ? I picked Twiggy!!!!Hope you like it!!
xoxo sa...gataki

For next week’s make up collage:

Send me your make up through tinypic/ photobucket/ Facebook (to Sa gataki) or tell me to look in your suite.

Make up theme : " J. Lopez"

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