Lera Kozlova

Hello everyone! Today, a new Stardoll dress-up doll for Superstars was released: Lera Kozlova!
I think that Stardoll made a good graphic this time :) The doll really looks like Lera.

Here is some info about her:

Valeriya Sergeeva Kozlova (born January 22, 1988 in Moscow) better known as Lera Kozlova is a Russian musician most famous for her work with the pop-rock band Ranetki where she provided the vocals and played the drums. After a three year stint in the band with 1 full album and a live album, she was forced to leave the band during the recording of the second album by the band's producer Sergey Milnichenko.

She then started a solo career under the name LeRa (ЛеPа). She is currently working on her first album which has been given the tentative title "My Summer Rain".

Nice story....
(to go to the dress-up doll)

What do you think about her?

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