Hello everyone!!

Hello everyone,  here's magdomilowicz.  I’m one of the most famous polish graphics designers. As you might know I'll be writing and designing for this blog. I’m so happy for this fact because this is a big chance for me. I never expected that I’ll be writing here. .

More about me:
I’m 17 years old boy named Kuba. I’m an elf. I love fashion, dancing and photography. One  year  ago I took part in big competition called Next Stardoll Graphic Designer organized by .Marcela. . Judges praised my arts, but the competition was canceled. Next the most popular polish blog organized a big contest for banner which I won of course:] In one moment I became famous. People love my graphics and they pay a lot of money to have them. I have a lot of fans who love me. On the surface, everything looks wonderful, but in reality it’s not. I have dark side of my personality. I'm selfish, egoistic, mean, provocative and brutally honest. I’m an individualist and don’t accept collectivism.  I break dogmas. This disturbs many people but I don’t care. I love my fans and energy that they giving me. I can’t pretend  that everything is fantastic when it isn’t. I am what I am and I will not change. My way or no way I don’t expect you'll love me, I just want your respect

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XOXO magdomilowicz
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