Get The Look

Hey everyone, chloe-99 here. This is my first post of my weekly segment, Get The Look. Every Tuesday I'll be showing you all how to dress like your favourite celebs, and I will be making one superstar outfit and one non-superstar outfit. I might even make the odd contest to make things more fun.. you never know. So here we go, enjoy!

So there you go! Who would you like to see next? Place your vote below, and the three with the most votes will be the person we are getting the look of. Also to kick-start this segment I want to start off with a contest, and the winner will win 50sd/500sc. To enter, please find a picture of Lady Gaga and create her outfit onto your medoll.. makeup does not matter! Simply give me a link of your doll and I will then judge them, and next Tuesday the three chosen people will be put into a poll and you can vote for the winner.

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