Drop Your Line : SD Roses

SD Roses is Fashion Line designed by Robyn. (Evermore1girl)
She already released a first collection in February, here are some of my favorites dresses of this collection: 
Maybe the graphics aren´t really beautiful... but that was in February! I am personally a graphic desginer and I´m improving every day. Robyn is one of my best friend and I´m sure you may know her for her kind comments and good-tempered. She one of the stardoll sweetheart. And I saw some of her new graphics.. Today! In July!!!
The thing that I can say is : she´s about to become a super graphic designer!

Now here´s the spoiler of the next collection.

The colletion has a theme which is Medieval Gypsy´s. So I really think it´s original!
What would you think about following the blog??? Just click...

Feel free to say what you think about this Fashion Line on the comment section of this post! :)

I'll be back with another stardoll upcoming Fashion Line really soon...

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