MOVEMENT FASHION is a Men Fashion Line designed by Eamonn (FashionMan.).
He's also the Graphic Designer. I personally think that his graphics are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I feel really proud to know him and he's very bossy when he works. So I'm sure you won't regret to see his "high street" Fashion Line!

He already designed the runway of the first collection:

He hopes to be on next Stardoll Fashion Week, by the way, I truly believe he'll be on it!

And of course, what you guys are all expecting is the official spoiler of the Fashion Line (if you haven't see it yet!)...

As I said in the first line of the post, it's a Men Fashion Line, so it's really unique and an improvement to stardoll Fashion Lines that Eamonn makes today.

Now be sure to follow the blog of the Fashion Line to know more about the updates and upcoming events of the Fashion Line and the release of it.

To follow the blog click :

Feel free to say what you think about this Fashion Line on the comment section of this post! :)

I'll be back with another stardoll upcoming Fashion Line really soon...
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