Ahmed Al Bayed

Here is today's dress-up doll for SS: Ahmed Al Bayed! The graphic looks pretty well...

Here is some info about him:

Ahmed Saleh El Bayed (born January 3, 1978) is the first Middle Eastern illusionist. He is a Saudi illusionist, best known for his combination of fear and story in his illusions.

Ahmed was born in Jeddah, the son of Muslim parents, mother used to be an article writer in many national newspapers, she was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and his father Saleh El Bayed, a Saudi business man, he owns the agency of Swarovski Crystals in Saudi Arabia and many other agencies. Ahmed El Bayed was raised in Jeddah, with one brother, Hamza, and two sisters, Reem and Dina. Ahmed started his passion with magic and illusions at the age of 5, when his grandfather taught him a small trick. Then when he was 11, his father taught him self-independence by sending him to study in the International School of Choueifat in UK, he then moved to Dover College at the age of 12, in these years he was teaching himself Magic (illusion) and doing some card manipulation in school and to his surroundings, he moved then to complete his studies and university in Los Angeles, USA after completing his high school, where he used to do so many private and public shows. In 2011 Ahmed El Bayed participated in the competition of Arab's Got Talent.

What do you think about him??

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