Starcoins - More Money for EVERYONE!

Please Note: The starplaza is updating right now (8:42am)
I`m off to school so keep your eyes open for when it`s fixed!
Play and Earn has been scrapped!

AWESOME, we`re getting more money! We can now save up to 1000 starcoins by doing simple things like voting a scenery, accepting a friend and things like that. If we do everything we get 40 each day and they can be kept unlike play and earn.

  • The Starcoin is the new Stardoll currency and The Stardollar is the currency of Superstars.
  • Current Superstars: The Stardollar is your very own exclusive currency. Stardollars can be exchanged for Starcoins at any time.
  • Previous Superstars: You can exchange your Stardollars to Starcoins if you like, or keep them until you upgrade again to Superstar.
  • Non-Superstar members: Your Stardollars will be converted into Starcoins.

Everyone can recycle now too!
I really love this, thank you stardoll!

What do you think?
PS: There is more on the official page, click HERE to read more.. I`m hopeless at explaining!
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