Make up tip / Long time no post...

Hello my gorgeous bloggers!!!

Long time no posting because of my exams period.. Fortunately it is over now and I am waiting to see if I got into university!!!
Anywayzz.. I missed you so much!! ♥ But now I am here with a brand-new make up post!!!

First of all as usual every Saturday there will be posted a make up collage with your looks!! I decided to give a Stardollars – Starcoins reward to the winner.. So I’d love if you helped me by donating 8 Stardollars to this project… Every Stardollar that I collect from the design below it will be saved for the weekly make-up winner!

Click here to buy the shirt :
And now let me move to the Make up tutorials!!!
They are inspired by SUMMER ! Everything that reminds me summer:

and of course... Ice creams!!! *thnx to zemathmath for modeling to this :)
So which is your favourite?
Did you miss the make - up posts?? ♥
x.o.x.o. Sa…gataki


For next week’s make up collage:

Send me your make up through tinypic/ photobucket/ Facebook (to Sa gataki) or tell me to look in your suite.

Make up theme : SUMMER LOOKS!!
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