Beach Villa Has Arrived

UPDATE #2: Wow, you can also change the room and beach! There are all sorts of settings and there are some animated too! Truth be told, I`m starting to really love it! Are you?

UPDATE: I bought it, its HUGE! Its.. strange, I wouldn`t say its the most special thing in the world but I wouldn`t say the worst either. Rating from 1 to 10 I choose 7, but obviously some would think differently. I have some pictures of it, but if you want to see how large it is just visit me HERE.


Hey everyone, I`m ill today and off school, but something has.. kinda cheered me up.
The long awaited Beach Villa has finally been released:

But, of course there is a price - There is also a store to go to when you click the Beach Villa. But anyway, yes, it is 100sd cheaper than the penthouse was but once you`ve filled it all it`ll cost just as much. I yet haven`t got it, I will be buying it later though so I will update you on what it is like if you are unsure on getting it.

So.. what do you think?
Will you be buying the Beach Villa?

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