ANOTHER Strange Message

So, once again we received a strange message, a follow up from the Island Bound one.
I seriously have no idea what this is all about!

What do you think?

PS: I`ll keep you updated if I find anything ;D

Update: Ideas.

Ever since this was put on the blog we`ve all been debating about our messages. It seems that people thought of these:

  • Styled Outfits - Personally I don`t agree, but if so I think they`ll be summery and Spanish (Costa Del Sol is in Spain)
  • A money offer - A chance to get lots of freebies
  • Stardoll Pals - The pals get brought back.
  • Opera/Mortal Kiss - The same kind of idea; freebies and lots of campaigns
  • A Journey - We all travel around the world.
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