SPOILERS = LE - Updated

The rest LE spoilers! (thnx to enenakimagic)

Underneathstardoll officially presents you the new Limited Edition.

Critic : Some items are freaking amazing whereas other look like Antidote than LE...
Do you like them? Did you saved money??

xoxo sa...gataki

(thnx to eeleenyte10 )
Sonia Rykiel (thnx to Vampires161 )
Betsey Johnson
proenza schouler (thnx to A_Horror )Loeffler Randall (thnx to MegaMashytik )
Jovonna (thnx to chloe-99 )
Dior (thnx to Mingailė )
Jean-Paul-Gaultier (thnx to estela7)
Jean-Paul-Gaultier ( thnx to auriusetahmasebi )

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