Free Trophy

Stardoll made a new contest for 100 million members. I hope that they will do more than just a contest for this achievement. Anyway, the good news is that you don't need a proxy for this freebie. The contest asks questions about stardoll and out of everyone who answered them correctly their will be 12 winners, it does not say what their prize will be though. To go to the contest click HERE. The correct answers are down below. 
Or if you don't care about answering them correctly just click HERE

1. My account > Check out Offers
2. Styled Outfits
3. Windows on the World
4. Contests 
5. Dressups&Games > All Dressup
6. Club&Friends > Members
7. I need to be a Superstar
8. Help > Clubs
9. Beauty Parlor
10. Invitation are automatically generated and sent by Stardoll.

Emma xox
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