Starbazzar Issue...!!

I was away yesterday from stardoll so i did not manage to make a post about the starbazzar issue,that people can ONLY SELL 10 PIECES EVERY 24 HOURS.

I find this thing very unfair for people that are making money from they bazzars,why only 10 pieces per day??
This is a total disaster for the stardoll community.!!!So i am making this post in order OUR VOICE WILL GO TO STARDOLL and if we are lucky to manage take back this thing...!!!!
After stardoll took back the 1 sd per day we thought ok maybe that's it but NO right now they are not allow to people to sell and earn money,because this is the real reason,thet they are doing it.!!!They want stardoll members to re-new their memberships and stardollars more often,On the one hand i understand them because first of all they are a company and they want to have money as every bussines want,BUT ON THE OTHER HAND,this thing is ridicullous irst they raise the money in order someone to be ss,then they take they 1 sd back,and now this...I will not allowed this to happen and i am thinking of some reason to try to take back OUR ABILLITY TO SELL AS MANY ITEMS AS WE WANT PER DAY.!!!!

So down from this post is a poll of what should we do,some things i thought
Please everyone vote for the one you think it will have a result....Let's try all together to make things better...!!!

Let's all use our voices for once and maybe we will be winners who knows..!!!
P.s i will leave the poll available for 5 days and then whatever you want us to do we will do it !!!

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