StarBazaar Open For All !!!!!

... not quite all.. read what stardoll said on their blog: 
We’re happy to announce that StarBazaar – Stardoll’s Vintage Marketplace – is now open to everyone, not just Superstars.
Who can BUY in StarBazaar?
  • Superstars (just like before)
  • Non Superstars (if you have over 500 StarPoints and have verified your email address with us)
Who can SELL in StarBazaar?
Selling your self-designed items in StarBazaar is still a Superstar-only feature,  but if you feel there’s an inner Stella McCartney in you, just upgrade to a Superstar membership and start selling your own beautiful creations to the world!

So... now non superstars who have over 500 starpoints can buy but not sell in StarBazaar! This is a massive change and I think it was a good decision made by stardoll. But I do think they have gone slightly mad.... this is soooo unlike stardoll! But im not complaining, this feature is great :) I have a feeling there will be some sort of catch to it, but lets just wait and see!
UPDATE: There IS a catch :'( You can only sell 10 dresses/items every 24 hours!! This will be really bad for people who make money from starbazaar, like me. Basicly this is good news for non superstars and bad news for superstars. Grr!
UPDATE 2: This is what stardoll has to say about making the limit 10 items per day:
 We have reduced the limit of items you can sell within a 24 hr period to 10 items. This is to ensure that Stardoll continues to be a fair and safe environment for all our members – that’s ‘always’ our number one priority.
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