Margherita Missoni doll

Margherita Missoni (born February 21, 1983 in Italy) is known for her rise to prominence as an ambassador of, and heiress to, her family's Missoni fashion house, which was founded by her grandparents, as well as her appearances in Missoni fashion campaigns as a model,and as an aspiring actress.
Missoni currently lives in New York City following her re-location from Italy to pursue acting. She grew up in the Italian countryside, spending weekends in Milan. She studied philosophy at Columbia University; however, following her move to New York, she struggled emotionally when her academic credits could not transfer to the United States educational system. Following this obstacle, Missoni chose to explore her first love, theatre.
She states that her relationship with her family is of a close nature, particularly her connection with her sister and her mother. Before her being featured in Missoni campaigns, she was a company ambassador, a duty entailing promotion at fashion related events. In her own words, Missoni described the process of becoming the face of a Missoni campaign as, "a natural evolution."
Currently, Missoni is studying acting in New York with hopes of gaining success in the entertainment industry. Most recently, she was featured in Jean Genet’s controversial The Maids, based on a true story of two maids who kill their mistress.
Fashion wise, Missoni has received credible public reception with particular regard for her own personal fashion choices. Missoni is frequently included in the pages of women's fashion, health and beauty magazines, usually relating in some way to her ties with her family's company.

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