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Jena Lee (born 29 July 1987 in Chile) is a French singer.

~1987-2007: Youth :
Born in Chile, Sylvia Garcia was adopted by a French family at the age of nine months. She grew up in Oloron-Sainte-Marie in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and was passionate about music from the age of 4. She recorded her first songs on a tape recorder. One of those pieces, Banalité (Banality), found its way to an editor in Paris.

~2007-2009: Pop stars and Urban Music Nation:
In 2007, Jena Lee met Sulee B Wax, who was interested in her work. When the fourth season of Popstars started, he asked Jena to try writing the instrumentals. Jena Lee wrote six songs of the thirteen that comprise Sheryfa Luna's album, including the song Somewhere. Following the composition of these songs, she received other requests, such as from Mathieu Edward with the title Like before as well as for a composition for the musical theater show Cléopâtre.
In 2008, Lee entered in and won the Urban Music Nation contest organized by radio operator Skyrock; the finale was on December 26, 2008.

~2009-present: First album:
Her first single, "J'aimerais tellement" ("I Would Love So Much"), was released in April 2009 along with a music video. It was at the top of the French singles charts for a total of eleven weeks and had the highest numbers of download in November 2009.
Lee's first Album, Vous Remercier ("Thank You"), was recorded with Bustafunk. It was released on 2 November 2009 on the Internet and to stores on 9 November 2009 on the label Mercury Records, a division of the group Universal Music France. 100,000 copies of the album are said to have been sold.

~Style and image:
Jena Lee defines her musical style as a combination of emo and R&B styles”, “having mixed the artists” whom she loves “by mixing the side saturated guitar, melody guitar of the emo with happy urban, synthé, piano”.

Do you like her and her doll? Do you think that the doll looks like her in real life? And what do you think of her medoll's clothes? Have you heard of her before? Comment! (;

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