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Jameela Jamil is an English television presenter, born in London, who has appeared on various Channel 4 programmes especially on their T4 channel's music programmes.

Jamil, nickname "Jam-Jam", is 5 ft 10in tall, and was 23 years old in 2010.She is a native Londoner, born in Hampstead Heath.At school, Jamil says she was "bookish and shy [...] Back then it was all about comfort. I literally didn’t care what I wore". Her Interests include art and biology.

At the age of 17, Jamil was struck by a car, breaking several bones damaging her spine. Jamil was confined to bed for a year; she weighed 9st (126 lb.) before the accident, but gained 5st 7 lb. (77 lb.) She was told that she may never walk again, but after steroid treatment and physiotherapy she slowly recovered, using a Zimmer frame to start walking. She rapidly lost weight, returning to approximately 9st.Jamil taught English to foreign students - including a nun and monk - at the Callan School of English, Oxford Street, London;Russell Brand worked at the same school.She also worked as a model, a photographer, and as a fashion scout for Premier Model Management Limited. Jamil says that she is a "size 12 on bottom half"; she prefers walking with an iPod to using the gym; but tries to eat healthy food such as fruit, nuts and chicken salad. She admits to a love of steak, chips and chocolate, is teetotal but believes in "everything in moderation".As of February 2010, Jamil said that she did not have time for a boyfriend, wishing to focus on her career.Of her political views, Jamil has said that "It's not a matter of who's got the better policies – it's literally a case of thinking 'Who's less evil?'", and prior to the 2010 general election said "I'm so confused as to who's actually worse. And I just don't think there's much of a point voting for the Lib Dems."Jameela Jamil is represented by Money Management, a management group that also has people such as Edith Bowman, Abigail Clancy,Donna Air and co-presenter Nick Grimshaw (with whom she presented Freshly Squeezed) on its books.

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