Interview with ....elw2008

These weeks winner of interview with you is   elw2008  !!
She is definately getting our 5/5!!!!Click HERE visit her suite
Here is her interview..

1.Tell us a litthe things about you ?

Well my name is Quinn, I am 16 and i live in the us.

2.Where did you find out about stardoll and .how long are you playing stardoll.?

I found out about stardoll from actually a disney quiz and it said what websites wand stardoll really caught my eye. I have been playing stardoll since 2007.

3.What would you like to change about stardoll?

i would really like to change the prices. Thy are just asking for to much right now because all of the things that sre cute cost way to much.

4.what is your secret stardoll talent?

I dont know if i reallt have a stardoll secret talent. I am pretty good at maekup on here and i guess i can put together an outfit.

5.Do you follow all the latest fashion  trends?

I try to follow the latest trends. My style is more of a edgy high end. I look at all the latest fashion magazines.

6.Describe the perfect day outfit?

The perfect out fit for me is a pair of cute boots a bubbly cute skirts a top with cool detail and a jacket.

7.What is the best make-up for you?

I alwyas like to have a evylinder on the corner edges of course mascara. I always like to go for a natural look but i try to do cool things with my eye shadow

8.Tell us 5 must have winter items

my 5 must have winter items are ugg boots, skinny jeans. cute earmuffs, a cute hat,and , and hot chocolate.

9.What do you want to tell to the viewers of your interview?

well just because you dont get picked for something never giveup. I would love if you could subscribe to my blog www. chix magazine. wordpress. com also i am so happy to of got interview i love usd.

thanks so much for this interview we have a great time

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