FREE Narnia 'Blue Star Dress'

This absolutely gorgeous gown is the tenth gift in Sweden's Narnia campaign!

(click photo to enlarge)

If you are not from Sweden you will need a MANUAL proxy: port 80 It is the only way to access the calender since it is flash.

(if it is slow for you use my trick: wait for the page to start to load (turn white), turn off the proxy, highlight the URL and tap your 'enter' key)

( Learn how to use a manual proxy HERE ) Put this in your URL bar:

Log into Stardoll.

Click the number 10 on the calender. ALL the gifts are still active so if you missed the first 9, click them too.l.If you have not already gotten the St. Lucia shirt I posted earlier you will get it as well.

Log off the proxy and into regular Stardoll. It will be in a box in your suite.

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