Designers: Alexander McQueen

This week I have decided to post about a designer who is perhaps the most well known designer at this moment in time.
His name is Alexander McQueen and he was born on March 17th 1969, the youngest of 6 children. The boy destined for a future in high fashion came from a very modest background. His father was a cabbie and Lee McQueen grew up in council house in East London. By the time he was sixteen, McQueen had decided to devote himself entirely to fashion. He dropped out of school and took an apprenticeship at the Savile Row tailors Anderson and Shepherd. This experience gave him the opportunity to sharpen his technical skills and tailoring, for which he later became famous.
In the Voile Holiday Boutique store there were a few dresses and a clutch inspired by his creations:

Unfortunately on the 11th February 2010 Alexander McQueen died but I am sure he will never be forgotten in the history of fashion. 

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