Talented Medoll Of The Week: KikiPR

This week's talented medoll is KikiPR!
She has an absolutely amazing suite!

Here is her mini-interview:
1. Tell us a few things about yourself ;D
I am married and living in sunny Puerto Rico. On my spare time I like to make jewelry and play on Stardoll, it brings out the child in me.

2. Who/what inspires you?
When it comes to my rooms, anything can inspire me. It could be a piece of furniture or even a piece of clothing. For example, for one of my rooms, The green dress was my focal point and I decided to design an elegant bedroom with a 1920's feel. Another room I designed was inspired by the beautiful colorful houses in Old San Juan. I like to change my rooms once and a while so don't forget to drop by to see my new inspirations.

3. How do you like to spend your time on stardoll?
I like to spend my time on Stardoll designing my rooms or changing things here and there. I also love to shop and look for some good buys on star bazaar. Another thing I like is to visit the blogs so I can keep informed of what is going on on my favorite site!

Here are a few of the incredible rooms in her suite:

Amazing right? Which room is your favourite?
If you would like to see more of her amazing suite, click HERE.

And if you still haven't applied for Show Us Your Talent, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

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