Back to an old Case!!!

You all remember the whole Migliukee issue from back then...and for the new members that might not know what happened..."Migliukee For Stardoll" was a store that was released for a half day in Starplaza...that happened because of copyright issues...the clothes from that store can't be sold and some of them are really rare cause of the limited time they stayed in starplaza...The store was created by the designs of a Stardoll user (Migliukee)....that later that day proved to be stolen...and that's why the store was gone from starplaza....

Now what make us post about it again?...continue reading....

Back then(4 months ago i think) all the blogs(...including ours) were writing about this subject...well as a blog we were always acting like a newspaper at this issues...we are always investigating this kind of things that affect us in stardoll and we always like to hear both sides. So we approached Migliukee....and we asked her some questions about what that she can give us her side of the story...stardoll never actually gave as an answer to these things....glad there are blogs and we learned what happened....

Anyway....She never answered to our questions...cause of personal issues as she wrote to us back then and we never learned her side of the story....but she left open the fact that she might answer the questions....

We had tottally forgotten the issue and that we have sent her some questions and then suddenly 4 days ago we found in our inbox a message by Migliukee with the answers to the questions we asked her back then....and an apology for taking so long to answer...i do not know if now if it really matters after all this time or if you are intrested in learning some more stuff about this issue....but if you wanna know her side...and what if stardoll signed with her some kind of a contract or if she was punished read her answers.....

MSM:Who is Migliukee as a person (where are you from, name,age, find out about stardoll etc)
Migliukee:I’m from Lithuainia, of course ;) I’m 13, I like sports, be with my friends and listen music.

MSM:Do you design clothes of your own?


MSM:How did you came up with the idea sending some designs to stardoll?
Migliukee:That idea is very old. First I send my own designs, but stardoll just wrote me that, they can’t do customers designs.

MSM:Did you believe that stardoll will create a shop with the designs or you just send them for fun ?
Migliukee:Just for fun. I was just interested.

MSM:Did you have second thoughts after you send to stardoll someone elses designs as yours?

-no answer

MSM:When stardoll decided to create the shop did they contact with you before they released them ?
Migliukee:About 09.10.12. Yes, of course.

MSM:Did stardoll ever ask you if the designs where actually yours?

MSM:Did you sign a contract with stardoll?

MSM:Did stardoll punished you after everything happened in any way?
Migliukee:They took Migliukee clothes, Stardollars and Superstar Membership. (which they was given for me)

MSM:Did the real owner contact with you or stardoll in anyway if you know?
Migliukee:Yes. Real designer knows about all that thing.

MSM:Did you expect stardoll find out everything and everybody talk about you?

MSM:Do you know if the hole issue has ended for Stardoll?

MSM:Have you regret what you have done?
Migliukee:Yes, of course.

MSM:Do you wanna say anything to the Stardoll Community that reads this right now?
Migliukee:I know, I made a mistake, but I just tried so that my country was popular…
I am sorry.

these were her answers...the conclusions are yours.....

We are going only to talk about the main issue which was the store...basically from these answers we can tell that there were made many mistakes in that case...first the main mistake was made by Migliukee that sent someone else's designs....that was wrong no matter what you want to achieve....and then from Stardoll...Stardoll never checked if the designs were actually hers...they didn't even ask her....

And of course after that came the punishment...they took her Stardollars and SS membership.So a lesson after this goes both ways...never...never never... send something unless it is yours....and Stardoll....check before you release something!!!!...

....xoxo MSM

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