Stardoll and Magazines!!!

We always wanted to write about stardoll magazines….there are some amazing artists out there that has made extremely good job…the reason we delayed it…it was that we wanted to make a post about stardoll magazines in general …from the past till today…

Since we didn’t have enough time in Christmas to collect all the information and write this big post....we thought we should wait and do it now.

Propably everybody knows about Stardoll magazines……there were and are a beautiful part of our virtual world…lately there were many new issues, new magazines and a comeback of an old one….but let’s remember some magazines before we move on…we will try to present as much as we can… maybe you know all of them…maybe some you haven’t heard…there are so many…we chose all that made us read them at least once…though we have read many issues of some of them

Back in time the most successful magazine was Style…it started in 2007…. The magazine was getting better and better by every issue…started using graphics for the cover and the rest of the magazine…

Unfortunately Style magazine stopped being released in 2008…but one thing is for sure…Style Magazine made its own history in Stardoll!!

Just around that time when Style Magazine stopped the Stardoll members were introduced to a new magazine called Eternity …Eternity magazine had a lot of great subjects and graphics…it was sure also a hit for its time

…it stopped being released in late 2008…but as you will see by continue reading this post(…or propably you already know) Eternity has made its Comeback!!!

On October of 2008 somewhere across the magazines…we saw another one…we found only an issue of it…maybe the graphics inside of the magazine weren’t all that great but the cover was so beautiful that we can’t help but feauturing it!!

Another magazine that surely made a great appearance in 2008 and the start of 2009 was Teen Style… having some great ideas,outfits and graphics

The latest issue was released in February 2009…

That leads us to 2009 where one can say that was the year of the Magazines…many new magazines arrived…some just released some issues and stopped…some are here to stay…

On January of 2009 we heard about a magazine called Goddess…the first issue wasn’t that great…but as the time passes the graphics were getting better and better…making the magazine look great

It’s last issue was in April…

In February of 2009 there was an issue by a magazine called Sprinkle …the graphics, the stories and in general the whole magazine was amazing

There wasn’t another issue of Sprinkle magazine but we found a message on what was about to come next…FIERCE(...we’ll get there!!!)

In March of the same year a magazine called Glamour made its appearance…

The graphics were Stunning and the two issues that got released were awesome

Another known and good magazine of 2009 is Eccentric (correct us if we are making a mistake about dates cause the magazine’s blog is locked)…the latest issue was released in September and from then we haven’t heard anything again for the future of the magazine!!

Also in March a magazine called Recherche was introduced…a great magazine that got better and better through time…the latest issue was released in December of 2009 with some amazing graphics!!!

We are moving to the summer of 2009 and specifically in July where a magazine called Beauty Magazine made its appearance for sure

Great graphics, stories and everything else…unfortunately this great magazine ended too soon in September of 2009 with the release of an unfinished issue!!

Also in July a magazine called DONNA can see the difference between the first and the last issue…in this case time has helped as well and the latest issue that released in 2010 is stunning….

August 2009 and a great magazine was about to come…Fierce magazine was introduced to stardoll members…the graphics, the stories the fashion sence made it one of the best Stardoll magazines

Latest issue: December 2009

On September another magazine that gain attention was Cyanide…awesome magazine …with great graphics with the latest issue release on December 2009

Another intresting magazine came out on November 2009 called Color Gloss…and now it’s on its second issue!!

And before the 2009 year ends new amazing magazines came to our virtual world

A great example of that is Influence magazine…it has some of the best graphics we have seen in a magazine…a great issue…a great Magazine!!!

And we have now come to 2010 with three amazing releases:

Runway magazine is a new magazine and its first issue is one to read for sure…many intresting articles and graphics…

Another magazine that got released some days ago is D(..some knew it before it ever released as Different…cause it’s changed)

This winter issue is so beautiful and some of the graphics are OMG!!...very pleasant to read…

Last but not at all Least we had the Eternity comeback…graphics better than ever for Eternity…which some of them caused also a little fuss in the gossip blogs like if there should be limits or not…you can find what happened somewhere else

The bottom line is that Eternity came back and we are happy about that...and if we speak about the magazine itself..forgeting the rest...we have to admit that it is a great issue…


The Magazines(you will find every link under every picture we posted of their last cover): For the picture and infrormation dates etc etc from where we heard about Donna Magazine from where we remembered some Magazines of 2009 like Beauty and Sprinkle for letting us know about Color Gloss magazine from where we took the cover of Eccentric Magazine

Sorry if we forgot another important magazine but there are so many....and try to correct us if we have made a mistake
so what is/was your favourite stardoll magazine?...

...xoxo MSM

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