Who is MSM?

Well we get mails all the time by you on how we work the blog...who we are...some of you even trying to find MSM on stardoll and then send us mails that you cannot find "me"....MSM is not one account on stardoll...there are three of us...we are very flattered that you try to learn more about us...we thank you for the love you are showing everyday in this blog through your mails and comments...

To answer the question:
As we said there are three of us M_Themis, mirka_17 and Superoh from where the MSM came from....we are best friends in real life...we leave in different cities because we are studying at the momment...and we have a common blog account...whoever is at home or has time at the momment posts...we don't post seperately because it's not worth it...we do it as friends...if anyone find something we post it as a team...we are a team...the MSM team!!!...of course we are talking when we have to post something about our opinion in one subject but we always agree in what we write!!....hope we answered to many of you...!!!:)

There is also an interview of us in the blog grabthejoystick.blogspot.com if you want to learn some more things about us... Click HERE to read it.

and you can find also some interviews in this blog too : http://thefashionsenseonstardoll.blogspot.com/

...xoxo MSM
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