Yesterday we told you that we saw some weird nominations in some of the categories for Star Awards....and as you can see in our previous post here we said exactly this:

"...We also saw some weird nominations among some categories...mostly because we didn't see them much among the nomination votes...and we saw others more frequently..such as in the category for Best Suite...or some magazines that haven't releasen an issue this year(we will check into it again...cause as a blog we try to be thorough) but after all "they came out with who they believed truly deserved a Star Award" (from where the nominees where announced)!!...."

Today there's not a "Nominate Here" got erased after our post...coincedence?...or it was true after all what we saw....that there were cases of people(such as Best Suite and also in some other categories) that got a nomination with their name only appearing once to four times..and others that got 20-30(or maybe more) nomination votes staying outside of the process?...

...i guess we'll never know.....

...xoxo MSM
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