Stardoll STOLE 400 members!!!

Yes that's right stardoll stole from us 262 sd...cause the dress you see we have already bought it for 275sd as " LE " !!!....that is no fair at all...i know many of you are happy that you will get the dress for 13 but it is not fair to those 400 members that bought it for 275sd!!! BASICALLY WE PAID 275$ FOR THE FAKE DRESS AND NOW STARDOLL RELEASES THE AUTHENTIC VERSION FOR 13sd HOW GREAT STARDOLL...THANKS...WE WILL HAVE APRIECIATED MORE IF WE HAVE TAKEN THE AUTHENTIC ONE FOR 275$ AND THE FAKE ONE FOR 13$ ..So yes Stardoll just stole from us 262sd...and i don't believe they are going to give us back our money...!!!!THANK YOU AGAIN STARDOLL!!!
UPDATE: As Stardoll's Most Wanted Pointed out very correctly the Leggings looks like the Tingelling Coutoure let's spot the Differences...pretty similar,eh?...

...xoxo MSM
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